We’re old school e liquid aficionados, having been in the vapor space since 2008.  Having seen all of the top brands come, go, and become acquired by Big Tobacco, we’ve pretty much “grown up” with the entire electronic cigarette and vapor smoking space.  This website is the culmination of years of experience vaping and enjoying the top e liquids.

What is our goal of this website?  It’s rather simple….share the….

Best Flavors of E Liquids You Can Buy and Enjoy

There are 100’s of thousands of e liquid flavors for sale, and as we enter 2016, there will be many more.  E liquid manufacturers are sprouting up like wineries in the 1980’s, and much like craft beer breweries are right now.

Here are our choices for the best e-juice flavors:

 Biggest Selection of Flavors : Vaporfi

 Tobacco : Halo Tobacco Blends

 Newport/Menthol : South Beach Smoke

 Marlboro Red : V2 Red

 Coffee : VaporFi Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte

Some Facts About Vape Juice

E juice is known by several names. Some people call it “e liquid”; others refer to it as “nicotine juice” or “vape juice.” Mix up those terms and you can see there are many ways to talk about the liquid vapers heat up in order to produce vapor; the liquid which provides their hit of nicotine to replace what they left behind when they gave up cigarettes.

Liquid Nicotine

Most vapers start out by using e cigarettes which contain nicotine. Their experience with e cigs begins in a drug store or a corner market; maybe Walmart or a garage. These customers discover a disposable electronic cigarette on the shelf when they go in to pay for a chocolate bar or gas or when they buy a packet of real cigarettes. It’s often an impulse purchase: why not just try this little electronic device and find out what all the fuss is about. With a rating of 1.2% nicotine or more, a disposable e cig will sometimes give a vaper the hit he wants without the smoke, and suddenly he realizes that cigarettes are not all they’re cracked up to be. That’s why it’s important to find the best e liquids before you make a decision.

Replacement Cartridges

The next item a customer buys from this point is a rechargeable e cigarette which comes with replacement cartridges containing e liquid. One can buy them pre-filled or replace e juice from a bottle into empty cartridges. That’s when the vaper realizes he does not have to use the same amount of nicotine as before; it’s possible to enjoy the same smoking habit without that reliance on nicotine he knows is a form of addiction. Eventually, he might even get down to zero nicotine.

Low-Cost E Juice

Firms like Mount Baker Vapor and Madvapes make e juice that’s pretty good and sells very well among crowds of vapers who view e juice the way the average person regards wine: just because it costs more does not mean a brand is better than their low-cost variety. As far as they are concerned, there’s nothing wrong with the cheap stuff. There are dozens of flavors and e juice can be customized to contain mostly propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). Mount Baker Vapor even gives consumers the opportunity to create their own e juice (Vaporfi is another company supplying a “Build Your Own” e juice service).

High-Cost e Juice

What do gourmet e juice manufacturers give as their reasoning behind higher prices? They say that:

• their blends are mixed in micro-batches for greater control of the result
• they test dozens of combinations and only release flavors when they are just right
• flavors are unique, not standard “strawberry,” “lemon-lime,” etc.
• some of them steep their e juice
• certain firms steep them in special barrels to create “Reserve” e liquids
• a number of companies use only natural and/or organic ingredients
• their base liquids are at least USP-grade
• their facilities are approved and certified

All e liquid should be at least USP-grade and produced in certified clean rooms. But that’s not always the case. A number of e juice firms (like Virgin Vapor) prove you don’t need to charge an arm and a leg to produce high quality liquid. Companies such as Five Pawns, however, take gourmet e liquid to the extreme, blending numerous flavors together and taking big risks with their blends. One could say such firms create artificial demand by limiting output unnecessarily, but it’s up to the consumer to decide what marketing methods he will put up with and buy into.

Sub Ohm Vaping

If you want thick vapor, it’s best to use an e juice containing at least 50% VG; preferably more. Firms advertise sub ohm e juice with 50, 60, even 100% vegetable glycerin. It is not advisable to fill single coils atomizers with thick juice or to use it with mid-to-high resistance coils.

Vegetable glycerin is thick; it gets caught in single coil heads and blocks things up, even ruining the wick, and would certainly ruin a cheap blank cartridge or CE4. You will want to ensure your atomizer tank contains dual coils wrapped for sub ohm resistance like the TFV4 by SMOK, an Aspire Atlantis, Eleaf Melo 2, Kanger Subtank, etc.

Some excellent sub ohm e juices include flavors under the name “Charlie Noble,” a series of e liquids containing usually 70% VG or more. Vaporfi’s Reserve series is well thought of. Kind E Juice contains 100% organic vegetable glycerin and Johnson Creek’s Red Oak series is a VG-dominant variety worth trying. Choosing vape juice is a trial and error affair with settings on a mod playing a part in creating flavor.