Apollo E Cigarettes is the same popular US company that stands behind a menu of 28 standard e juice flavors and three other series of e liquids, between them compatible with Apollo’s hardware. These other series are the Signature Series, Fa-Q High-VG, and Lindbergh Vapor Co. High-VG. Find out more about flavors, pricing, and standards from Apollo e juice.

Top Quality Every Time

Whichever e juice you select — Signature, Fa-Q, Lindbergh, or standard — Apollo ensures every bottle is created to high standards of cleanliness, quality, and taste. Their clean room in California is “state-of-the-art,” as they call it: all the mod cons are there. Each bottle is stamped with a batch code, sealed for child safety, and tracked throughout its life at Apollo.

Apollo Signature SeriesNew Signature Series

With this recent addition to the Apollo e juice line, their expert team takes the plunge and concocts multi-flavor formulae, bold blends, experimental concoctions that are more than just a vanilla-type tobacco or mentholated fruit.

Each bottle contains equal amounts of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin), so they can be used in dripping atomizers attached to 60W systems or mechanical mods to produce dense vapor. That ratio is also suitable for less sophisticated setups like an Endeavor or Valiant Kit by Apollo.

Signature e liquids consist of Chris Gaskill’s ADVs: he’s an Apollo chemist and, in their eyes, a “flavor genius.” Each style is numbered one to five instead of being named “Red Licorice” or “Blueberries and Yogurt.” The sampler pack contains all of them for $29.95, each one a 15-ml bottle, but an individual bottle is priced $7.95, so you save just under $10.

The five flavors are:

• ONE: apple cinnamon cereal plus milk and a touch of peanut butter
• TWO: fudge cookies with caramel and toasted coconut (the best seller)
• THREE: red licorice
• FOUR: peanut butter and banana
• FIVE: blueberries and creamy yogurt

These are bold vapor juices and not as good for some clearomizers as for others. Coils in plastic clearos, in particular, could experience more and faster wear, so you would replace them frequently. You are better off with tanks: Apollo recommends these:

• Kanger Aerotank
• Kanger Protank
• Aspire Nautilus

Others you might like to try would be any sub ohm tank and drippers such as the Aspire Atlantis or Triton, Kanger Subtank, Horizon Arctic, TOBH, etc. If you aren’t sure about compatibility, Apollo welcomes your questions.

Apollo Fa-Q Miss SamoaMax-VG Fa-Q

A Max-VG juice from Apollo contains a little bit of PG: it is difficult to master the VG-only style and not wreck coils except in the most high-tech systems. Their Fa-Q liquids were designed for cloud chasing intensity and produce rich flavor.

Vapers using sub ohm systems should seriously consider trying Fa-Q, a customer favorite both on and off the site. These are made by the usual professional Apollo crew using USP-grade bases and food-industry standards.

Guava Blast and American Pie are self-explanatory. So is a Fauxstess Cupcake. Funky Monkey melds banana, strawberry, and kiwi: sharp and sweet all at once. Sugar Butt tastes like butterscotch custard. Recall the tastes and smells of a seaside holiday with Pink Nova: strawberry taffy. Green Party is very green: apple plus kiwi. A 16-ml bottle is priced $12.99.

Lindbergh Juices Take to the Skies

Lindbergh Max-VG e liquids carry a theme: air travel. Take the “New York-to-Paris” sleeper: peach, lychee, coconut, and cream. Lucky Lindy was formulated to mimic a Japanese style of grape candy. Air Mail was blended to suggest a moist, warm apple-cinnamon muffin.

The other flavors (all $21.99 for 30 ml) are very like styles in Gaskill’s Signature Series: strawberry taffy, peanut butter and banana, and frozen blueberry. There are six flavors available individually or as a boxed set priced $99.95 (about $16.66 each in this format).

Standard E Juice from Apollo

If you want to know more about standard flavors from Apollo, read the technical specs. These indicate that regular Apollo e juices contain 50/50 PG/VG, 99.9% pure lab-grade nicotine, only food-grade and kosher flavors, and USP PG and VG. Price start at $5.95 for 10 ml unless there is ongoing sale and you are getting a deal.

These are simple flavors like Candy Cane, Berry Blend, Cappuccino, etc. Here you will also find assorted tobacco and menthol e juices to satisfy the customer who prefers traditional styles reminiscent of his Marlboro, Winston, Camel, or some other classic cigarette.